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Talented young musicians at the Jazz festival

Young Musicians

Rising stars and young musicians of all stripes get the opportunity to play


Rising stars and young musicians of all stripes get the opportunity to play

Marsden Jazz Festival has a long tradition of inviting youth big bands from the region to play to large, appreciative crowds. Hundreds of young musicians have graced Marsden’s stages throughout the years, and they now have their own dedicated Bandstand in the Park, where festival goers can catch rising stars from Colne Valley Junior and Big Band, Honley High School, Shelley College Jazz Band, Greenhead Big Band, Kirklees Musica Soul Band, Greenhead College Big Band, Wakefield Youth Jazz Orchestra, Blackley Centre Stage Band, Holme Valley Big Band, Doncaster Youth Jazz Orchestra and many more ensembles.

We’ve asked a few young musicians what they love most about playing or being at Marsden Jazz Festival, and here’s what they told us.

“I love playing jazz and really getting into the music while performing. I love playing to the crowd and getting ourselves out there. I love seeing all the other bands performing, especially the younger bands.”

“The opportunity to play alongside other musicians.”

“Seeing groovy jazz bands, and showing off what we’ve been practising in rehearsals.”

“The atmosphere of music in such a nice area and the enjoyment of watching people dancing in the rain whilst playing with my swing band a song from ‘The Jungle Book’. I really enjoy playing for the audience as it makes such a difference when people truly appreciate the effort and performance you put on.”

“Performing with incredibly talented musicians and listening to music that I wouldn’t normally listen to.”

“Coming together with the community and experiencing jazz all around you.”

“Getting the chance to see other youth groups at the festival.”

And what do their teachers think about the festival?

“One of our performance highlights.  It is a fantastic event where our band feel really comfortable and regularly play to large and appreciative audiences.”

“It’s a great chance to take part and play for the public.”

“A real local, community based festival drawing in great acts from across the country.  The atmosphere created around the village each year is what makes it very special.”

“Young players always love a trip out together to play. They love MJF and eagerly scan the listings for when and where they are playing.  For them it feels more than just another gig and regularly they bring many family members and friends to watch. They have pride in being involved at MJF.”