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Just what is made in Marsden?


Just what is made in Marsden?

Enjoy Art – Gallery & Gift Shop
Enjoy Art can be found on Peel Street, opposite the Mechanics Hall. Run by Sharon Turner and local artist Kevin Threlfall, the gallery features work from a wide range of local & regional artists & makers, encompassing art & gifts including cards, ceramics, paintings, textiles, glass, wood, jewellery and other mediums.

Sharon’s late husband Chris ran Enjoy Photography and during the Jazz Festival, whilst he was out & about taking photos, he let local artists hold a “pop up shop” as an outlet for artists to show and sell their work. Enjoy Art officially started on 1st August 2014 (Yorkshire Day!) and since then it’s evolved from a “pop up” shop into a thriving gallery.

The Jazz Festival brings a great many people into the gallery both for the first time and also as returning customers; the influx of visitors to the village provides a great opportunity for the gallery to showcase artists’ work to a wider audience.

Sharon and Kevin take a very hands on approach to choosing what is featured meeting artists personally, visiting their studios, hosting solo exhibitions and commissioning bespoke artwork for their customers. They are firmly embedded in village life, working with local schools, groups and community initiatives, such as Marsden Poetry Village & the Electric Theatre Cinema

Roger‘s Bakery
Roger’s Bakery is a family run wholesale artisan micro-bakery is based on Warehouse Hill Road, just off Peel Street, for the past two years, producing in excess of 1000 loaves and patisserie per week. It uses a made to order model, supplying restaurants, cafes, pubs and shops in the area”.

“I meet some really interesting characters. I cater for special events. It’s very hands on, but I like it because there is no waste, like in a traditional model of bakery. We are proud of our village and embrace the strong community spirit here by contributing free bread to causes such as Meet and Eat Lunch club, local fundraising events Christmas lights and Cuckoo Day as well as regular donations to the Huddersfield Change Project homeless charity”.

This year Roger’s will be baking bread for the second time for the Jazz Festival. Roger’s work closely with the neighbouring business, Hanson’s to feed and entertain guests in a variety of gigs. At various points in the day they will be supplying bread and focaccia to local restaurants such as Marsden Moose and Mozzarellas and then they will switch to pizzas for the evening musical event at Hansons. “The Jazz festival is a big festival for such a small village and we notice the extra demand for bread, particularly through the restaurants we supply. It’s exciting being involved. This is a great place to work, with its festivals and regular film crews descending and people tell us they love our bread, which makes us happy!”

Alastair Hanson began his musical instruments business in 1989 from his parent’s garden shed in Bradford. Having studied music, instrument technology, engineering and physics at Leeds University College of Music he was well prepared and the business is about to celebrate it’s 30th year.

The business moved premises several times as Hanson’s continued to grow and evolve with Alastair working as a consultant to manufacturers in the Far East, Europe and America, then with a scenic drive over Standedge life changed as Alastair and his wife Jenny that a move to Marsden would be their next great idea.

Alastair and Jenny moved to Marsden in 2004 and relocated the business to the barns of their farm on the moor above the village. By 2011 more space was needed and home for Hanson Music became the current premises just off Peel Street. Hanson’s has continued to build an international reputation in the manufacture, restoration and repair of musical instruments, such as clarinets, saxophones, violins, guitars, trumpets, cornets and tenor horns. Jazz musicians will know of the prestigious Hanson’s LX and Monarch Saxophones, which are lovingly hand made in Marsden.

“We are proud of our instruments and proud of our international reputation, but don’t just take my word for it,” Alastair says. “…we’ve made, built and customised instruments for top players all around the World and they’re used by famous and diverse ensembles such as the Black Dyke Band brass band and the London Symphony Orchestra, bands for Shirley Bassey, Michael Bublé, George Michael, Van Morrison and Bryan Adams”.

“For many years I wasn’t able to take part in the festival, as it clashes with the International Music Manufacturers Trade Exhibition in Shanghai. In 2014 I stayed home to see what it was all about. We had a great first year and realised we wanted to stay involved, so last year we staged a number of music events in the programme. The feedback was great and we had visitors from Holland, Germany and the USA. Now we encourage customers to combine a visit to us to coincide with the festival and we get great feedback about the shop, the village and the festival.”

The gallery showcases the creative vibrancy of Marsden and the COlne Valley and helps increase interest in arts locally