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Marsden Jazz Festival - we're a family affair!

Marsden Jazz Festival - we're a family affair!

Greetings festival fans!

We pride ourselves on being a family-friendly festival and we really love that our audiences span the generations. As well as world-class music that appeals to all ages, our events and activities are fun for everyone.

Marsden Mob Workshop
Come and make a brilliant ‘balloon bassoon’ or a classic ‘kazoo horn’ in our creative junk workshops. Bring a disposable plastic drinks bottle and transform it into an instrument of sonic beauty to toot at the parade on 13 October.
Sun 7 October, 1-6pm, Parochial Hall

The Unicorn’s Horn
The Uncorn’s Horn is an original collaboration between local outdoor activity organiser Be More Outdoors and seasoned festival musician Brian Acton (Black Sheiks). It’s a tale of vicious sheep, jazz parades, prejudice and the ultimate triumph of music in overcoming adversity. Intrigued? You should be. The story takes place among the trees between Marsden and Standedge and is followed by the opportunity to make a unicorn hobby horse (or just sit and enjoy the music with a cuppa).
Sat 13 October, 2pm, somewhere in the woods

National Trust Walk
Bring your whole family and the dog on this two-mile walk to check out the awe-inspiring views over marsden and soak up a bit of local history before the jazz begins.
Sat 13 October, 10am, Marsden Railway Station

You don’t have to be 3-8 to enjoy Minifest but it helps. This event, run by the Artful Playground Band will introduce your wee ones to wide variety of musical styles. It’s a massive, jolly music party for the whole family.
Sun 14 October, 1pm, Mechanics Hall

We’re still welcoming volunteers to help out with this year’s event. Drop us a line or sign up here to get involved.

As ever, please keep checking the website and our social media feeds for more information (remember to use the hashtag #MarsdenJazz18 when Tweeting about the festival and please do RT if you get the chance – every little helps).

See you next month. We’re not saying you definitely need wellies but bring wellies.

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