Marsden Jazz Festival
Jazz In The Yorkshire Pennines

Keeley Forsyth & Matthew Bourne

We’ve commissioned several musicians to conduct special performances in a number of iconic locations on Marsden Moor. The films of the performances bring the landscape into the foreground, blending the music with ambient natural sounds, to create something different and special.

Our first episode (and there will be five in total) features three performances by musician, composer and actor Keeley Forsyth, singing pieces from her astounding album Debris, alongside pianist and composer Matthew Bourne who accompanied on a portable harmonium. The result is haunting, inspiring, imaginative and magical.

See below for the teasers and full videos of Keeley & Matt’s performances:

“Forsyth’s album ‘Debris’ is one of the most remarkable in years” The Sunday Times
“One of the defining releases of 2020 may already be upon us” 9/10 Music OMH

Barney Stevenson, artistic director at Marsden Jazz Festival, said the following about Keeley & Matt’s performances on Marsden Moor:

“Witnessing Keeley and Matt perform together first hand was a magical experience – I hope that this magic, along with the visual and sonic aspects of the landscape comes across in the films.”