Marsden Jazz Festival
Jazz In The Yorkshire Pennines

What's On

Marsden Jazz Festival is proud to present a diverse explosion of music in the beautiful setting of the Colne Valley in the Yorkshire Pennines.

The festival is on the second weekend of October each year and throughout the rest of the year the team is hard at work planning for the next festival.

Our 2019 festival will take place from the 11th – 13th October, and our programme will be revealed in the coming weeks.

In the meantime we’d like to show you a taste of the festival – past gigs, the settings, stories from the festival – that all form a part of this unique event.

Festival Gig Archive

We programme a wide range of professional, amateur and community musicians who all deliver a high quality range of music.

Have a look at the Gig Archive from the last few years to get an idea of the range of events and some of the surprising names that turn up on our shores.

Kirklees Festivals boost local economy by £2.25 million

An update to the Kirklees Economic Impact Study has found that three key festivals, one of which is Marsden Jazz Festival, generate £2.25 million of economic impact for the local economy every year!

Our commitment to new music - commissions & new stream

In 2018 Marsden Jazz Festival continued to promote new and innovative music, with a range of young artists, commissions and festival “firsts.”

Marsden Jazz Festival - we're a family affair!

John Coltrane once said “You can play a shoestring if you’re sincere”. Why not come to one of our workshops and prove him right.

There’s plenty more fun for all the family as well as great Jazz!