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Chronotope Sound Walks

£FREE (No Ticket Reqd.)

When : Sun 10th Oct at 12:01am (Ends - 11:59pm)

Where :

Category : Free


Our Chronotope Sound Walks enable you to explore the actual locations of the Chronotope films.

Download the Echoes.xyz app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, plug in your headphones and explore the recordings as you roam the stunning routes and filming locations on the Moors, plus a special accessible village centre walk with hidden extras.

About Chronotope

Although we couldn’t put on the usual live festival in 2020, we still wanted to find a way to continue to create high quality musical performances, and so we commissioned a number of UK-based jazz talents to perform up on the expansive Marsden Moor, in a project we called Chronotope. In five episodes, we visited iconic locations around Marsden and through the sunshine, wind and rain, we recorded artists such as Matthew Bourne, Daniel Casimir and Ruby Wood among others, performing exceptional pieces.

Chonotope credits

Keeley Forsyth (voice) and Matthew Bourne (organ)
Tess Hirst (voice) and Daniel Casimir (bass)
Tom Challenger (sax and prepared audio)
Maja Bugge (cello) and Sarah Nicholls (piano)
Ruby Wood (voice), The Naked Eye (voice and guitar) and Martin Chung (guitar)
Jez riley French (field recordings / located sound, sound design, mix, editing)
Alistair I Macdonald (cinematography & video edit)
Maya Sharp (camera assistant)
Pheobe riley Law (sound assistant, field recordings / located sound)
Jo Kennedy (sound assistant, field recordings / located sound)
Daniela Gerstmann (production manager)
Chris Ruffoni (production manager)
Barney Stevenson (producer)