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£FREE (No Ticket Reqd.)

When : Sat 12th Oct at 9:30pm (Ends - 11:00pm)

Where : The Riverhead Brewery Tap

Category : Pub & Clubs, Fringe


Loud, off-kilter high-energy jazz-rock meets a contemporary take on the Canterbury Sound of the 1970s. Absurdist lyrics paired with raucous grooves get the room dancing. Constantly changing; no two gigs are exactly the same.

Keeping the audience engaged from the first note to the last (aided by band leader Noiak Bedirian’s boisterous stage presence), Shaku’s performances capture the unwavering attention of anyone in the vicinity. Mixing jazz, blues, rock and funk, Shaku call it ‘Frog Rock’ – a name which captures their disregard of genre as a defining characteristic of the band.

Adopter:Carol & Colin Walker

Adopter: Carl