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Marco Woolf

£FREE (No Ticket Reqd.)

When : Sat 12th Oct at 4:30pm (Ends - 6:30pm)

Where : Zapato Brewery

Category : Pub & Clubs, Fringe


Heavily influenced by a blend of jazz and folk by artists such as John Martyn and Nick Drake, Marco Woolf writes delicate, introspective songs.

Woolf has built a reputation as a storyteller and builds narrative around his music, while his songs are atmospheric with lyrics full of imagery.

Expect to be taken on a journey where each instrument is its own character with solos more akin to dramatic monologues.

Marco Woolf – Guitar, Vocals
Tom Harris – Keyboard
Tom Harris – Soprano Saxophone
Ruben Sheridan – Drum Kit

Adopter:The Ambroses