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Full Price : £10.00

Age 17-29: £5.00

Age 16 and under: £1.00

When : Sat 12th Oct at 6:00pm (Ends - 7:00pm)

Where : New Stream Stage at Royal British Legion

Category : Ticketed, New Stream


Scatter-skronk non-jazz with exploratory improvisation and razor-sharp, raw, high energy.

Taupe’s first festival gig was at Marsden in 2015 and they have since shared the stage with artists from across Europe at the prestegious 12 Points festival.

Drawing from free jazz and math metal to hip-hop grooves and post-bop, with a healthy dollop of skronk, Taupe’s music combines multi-layered drum grooves with nimble-power-twiddle-honks of alto sax and jagged squalls of discordant guitar, twisting them into propulsive irregular riffs and showers of cosmic jazz rain.


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John Quail

Sponsor: John Quail