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Jazz North Introduces

£FREE (No Ticket Reqd.)

When : Sat 13th Oct at 11:30am (Ends - 1:00pm)

Where : The Parochial Hall

Category : Headliners



Leeds based saxophone-led quintet, specially assembled to perform jazz and hip-hop influenced compositions by Jasmine Whalley. Inspired by artists such as Soweto Kinch and MF Doom, they create an exciting and current sound. Jasmine Whalley (alto saxophone), Ben Haskins (guitar), George MacDonald (piano), Owen Burns (bass) and George Hall (drums).

Slow Loris

Slow Loris is a small nocturnal mammal, with a toxic bite. With a love of hip-hop, jazz, electronic music and metal, Slow Loris build up layers of riffs and effects to create a fresh, rocky and forceful sound that both embraces and contests the two-guitar format. Sam Lowther (guitar), Sam Evans (guitar), Chris Sellers (bass) and Theo Goss (drums).

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