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Full Price : £8

Age 17-29: £4

16 and under: £1

When : Sat 13th Oct at 6:00pm (Ends - 7:00pm)

Where : New Stream Stage at Royal British Legion

Category : Ticketed, Available, Headliners, New Stream


Herewith the heavy mob section of the New Stream programme. This is not free jazz. It is noisy, tightly arranged, high precision stop and start and fierce soloing punk jazz, interspersed with passages of quiet reflection, the style associated with the Leeds LIMA improv scene that has brought the likes of Trio VD, Collider and the Roller Trio to the festival in the past. Mole are Dave Kane (double bass), Paul Hession (drums, percussion), Petter Frost Fadnes (saxes) and Christophe Bezenac (saxes). We love it! Support your local improvisers!

Sponsor:Dr Strange