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Simon Fell Quartet: 'Double Standards'

Full Price : £8

Age 17-29: £4

16 and under: £1

When : Sat 13th Oct at 4:00pm (Ends - 5:00pm)

Where : New Stream Stage at Royal British Legion

Category : Ticketed, Available, Headliners, New Stream


Simon Fell’s new suite, ‘Double Standards’, specially written for the 2018 New Stream, is made up of new and experimental arrangements of selected jazz standards, challenged by a series of contrafacts and counterfeits, old and new. Simon made Trad dangerous for us in 2014 with his piece The Ragging of Time, now he gives us a Great American Fake Book for our current slippy and mendacious era. The quartet are Rachel Musson (soprano & tenor saxes, flute), Robert Jarvis (trombone), Simon Fell (double bass) and Mark Sanders (drums, percussion).

Sponsor: Dr Strange

Sponsor: Pete Woodman