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Mal Bigatto Trio

Full Price : £8

Age 17-29: £4

16 and under: £1

When : Sat 13th Oct at 12:00pm (Ends - 1:00pm)

Where : New Stream Stage at Royal British Legion

Category : Ticketed, Available, Headliners, New Stream


A chance meeting on a train brought this most interesting Sardinian trio to the festival. The ‘Big Bad Trio’ describe their music as ‘free and of itself with no framework…with the aim to reach the finish line of the not said, not explored or defined’ with ‘the anguish in search of a landing or a departure’ that ‘do not actually exist.’ And yet everything we have heard indicates creative group improvisation of great style and harmony! The group are Antonio Farris (bass, electronics), the man on the train Giuseppe Joe Murgia (saxophone), Alessandaro Garau (drums).

Sponsor:Dr Strange