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Beats & Pieces Big Band

Full Price : £15

Age 17-29: £7.50

16 and under: £1

When : Sat 13th Oct at 3:30pm (Ends - 5:00pm)

Where : The Parochial Hall

Category : Ticketed, Available, Headliners


Led by composer and conductor Ben Cottrell, Manchester-based Beats & Pieces Big Band is a band that happens to be big, rather than your average ‘big band’. Combining “the feel and dynamics of a small group and the force and impact of an orchestra” (AJ Dehany, London Jazz News), these 14 friends will immediately capture you with their very own sound embracing raw rock energy, refined jazz concepts, melodies to sing along with, primal improv and grooves to shake your body to. 10 years on the road all over Europe, 3rd album out now!