Marsden Jazz Festival
Jazz In The Yorkshire Pennines
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Full Price : £12

Age 17-29: £6

16 and under: £1

When : Sat 13th Oct at 1:30pm (Ends - 3:00pm)

Where : Marsden Mechanics Hall

Category : Ticketed, Available, Headliners


Dee Byrne’s Entropi quintet places a high importance on improvisation; her compositions allow breathing space for depth of communication, empathy and risk taking between the band members. Juggling order and chaos, composition and improvisation, the group takes listeners on a journey with compelling group interplay, strong themes, open-ended improvisation, dark grooves and interweaving melodic textures.

Led by alto saxophonist, composer and bandleader Dee Byrne, with Andre Canniere (trumpet) Rebecca Nash (keyboards), Matt Fisher (drums) and Olie Brice (bass).

The quintet have released two albums ‘New Era’ (2015) and ‘Moment Frozen’ (2017).

‘Intense, muscular jazz voyage.’ ★★★★ (The Guardian)