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Funder Interview: Charlesworth Business Growth Services

Funder Interview: Charlesworth Business Growth Services

As a charity, Marsden Jazz Festival relies on the support from a range of funders to enable us to continue with our award-winning festival. One of our funders is a local business, Charlesworth Business Growth Services run by local philanthropic family, the Charlesworth’s. We thought that you, our lovely audience would be interested to know more about our supporters and so Charlotte Furness, our marketing manager, interviewed Helen Charlesworth, Director of the Charlesworth Group to find out more about how they got involved with Marsden Jazz Festival and why.

Q: How did Marsden Jazz Festival come onto your radar?

Back in 2016 Judith Charlesworth became aware that the funding for the Festival had been cut and there was a chance it would not be able to go ahead. She understood the value that the Festival brings to individuals and the community and felt it would be such a shame for something so successful to be lost. She decided to step in!

Q: What was behind your decision to support the festival through business sponsorship?

Judith’s parents were both brought up in the ColneValley and she knew that they both would have been interested in the festival, and it is also a way of promoting Charlesworth Business Services to a wider audience

Lord's Brew Beer

Q: What is it about Marsden Jazz Festival that you like?

Judith likes the way the festival involves the village, school children take part in the junk instrument workshops and then form part of the parade through the village. Having visited the festival a number of times I have been impressed with how the whole village takes part offering food, drink and jazz entertainment

Q: The Charlesworth Group is a family run business; can you tell us a little bit more about how the company came about?

Growing from a local Huddersfield printers we are now specialists in Academic Publishing having offices in the UK, China, Ukraine, Hong Kong and USA; alongside this we have numerous other business interests in property and financial services. At heart we are a Huddersfield family business. We have inherited our entrepreneurial spirit from our Dad, Neil who pioneered our global expansion, combined with our sense of community which flows from the decades of local business and charity support Judith, our Mum, continues to carry out. More recently our business focus has returned to Huddersfield. We strongly believe there is a great entrepreneurial and community spirit here that we can help support and encourage to prosper.

Q: So, family, experience, local businesses, and the rich cultural offering in Huddersfield is something you’re clearly passionate about. Is this why you support organisations such as our festival?

Absolutely, events such as Marsden Jazz Festival create a sense of community and give local talent and businesses an opportunity to showcase all that is great about our area, drawing in people from far and wide to celebrate Huddersfield.


Q: What is Charlesworth Business Growth Services?

Charlesworth Business Growth Services (CBGS) provides a valuable mix of financial and business support to growing businesses, predominantly in our region. Having started and grown our own businesses we understand some of the pressures entrepreneurs face. We know entrepreneurs need to build on their success and often need financial support to realise their next ambitions. Growth does not only bring financial pressures, entrepreneurs find themselves dealing with increasing time consuming yet essential areas of Accountancy, HR, Marketing and IT taking their time away from what they do best. That’s why we combine financial support with practical business support services, enabling our entrepreneurs to focus on growing their business to the next level.

Q: And the service supports local companies such as a brewery and a manufacturer of eyewear for musicians – that’s exciting! Can you tell us more?

Of course, I love singing the praises of the fabulous businesses we support locally! Lords Brewing Co. based in Golcar are also a family business who make time to support their local community, so we instantly had things in common. They had already had good success developing their brewery when we first met them, needing support to purchase more equipment to meet growing demand and also to bring processes and accountancy systems in place. We were impressed with their drive, ambition and of course their great beer! Delighted to say they have had their best sales month yet and continue to grow. Allegro Optical are another business with great drive and a passion for excellence, validated by the plethora of business awards they have won. We were especially impressed with their unique services for musicians. It is vital for a musician to be able to read music and see the conductor clearly, normal glasses don’t work – you need specialist bespoke lenses. Musicians from Europe and America have sought out Allegro for their unique lenses. Through our financial support Allegro offer mobile optical clinics to visit orchestras and bands on location, making it easier for the musicians from across the country to access their specialist services.

Q: Are you attending this year’s festival? Any gigs that you’re particularly looking forward to?

Finally, Neil and I are looking forward to hearing the Chrissy Lee Orchestra’s tribute to Ivy Benson, on Friday evening, and then hope to spend time wandering around and visiting the band stand to hear the selection of groups on the Saturday.

Charlesworth Business Growth Services run a Business Plan competition each year for businesses to win support and help from the Growth Services. For more information see: https://charlesworthbgs.com/competition

For the full list of 2019 festival supporters, visit the Our Supporters page on our website.

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